"The Marriage Myth"

A broad, romantic comedy written by Julia Butler & Daniel Mentz 


THE MARRIAGE MYTH is “Crazy Stupid Love” having sex with “You’ve Got Mail"

When a nerdy college professor's old ways get crushed by a mysterious beauty he meets online, he must plunge into a quest for true happiness but ends up in a chaos of embarrassing misadventures that threaten to pull apart his entire family.

Bill Fritzky, a conservative college professor stuck in a midlife crisis and a crumbling marriage, secretly explores a mythical romance with a Greek "goddess" online. After a series of hilarious misadventures that climax with a vibrating pumpkin pie, he finally finds what he’s been chasing after in the most conspicuous of places… upstairs.

THE MARRIAGE MYTH is a daring, laugh-out-loud, outrageous romantic comedy about discovering real happiness through surreal circumstances in our oh-so-modern world.



"[...] THE MARRIAGE MYTH [is] the stuff of the best: classic dramatic narrative going all the way back to the Greeks and into the best of the current era. Is there really any other kind of worthy drama? 
This is such a funny script. Bill and Elaine Fritzky are at crossroads in their marriage. They love each other, but the relationship which the story centers on has become stale to say the least. [...] Then they make poor decision after poor decision to rectify things, and as they say, hilarity ensues. This is what makes them such great characters. [...] Super job!"

– Richard Walter, UCLA Screenwriting Chairman


“THE MARRIAGE MYTH is a sweet and genuine, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy which develops a sincere love story about a middle-aged couple who finds love in the most unlikely of places as they watch their marriage crumbling. 
The story unfolds though the eyes of Bill Fritzky, who is a bit of a stick-in-the-mud. Through superb character development and hilarious conflict, he transforms into a man any woman would kill for.
Everyone loves to laugh and fall in love. THE MARRIAGE MYTH is no different.
Julia Butler and Daniel Mentz are writers of the highest order. [...] And to top it off they are extremely easy to work with. [...]
Take an hour or two off from hectic phone calls or meetings for THE MARRIAGE MYTH. You will read a great story and meet an undiscovered well of talent in Julia Butler and Daniel Mentz.” 

– J.R. Gowan, MFA in Screenwriting