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Los Angeles Times

"Slipaway,” the touching story of an unlikely friendship, works thanks to a warm performance from Elaine Partnow. First-time feature directors Julia Butler and Daniel Mentz have made a sunlit film that will win over less-cynical audiences.
Kimber Myers

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Rotten Tomatoes

"Slipaway" is the type of film that makes you want to go to the movies. It delivers an amazing story with its incredible leading cast. A film I will watch for years to come. The chemistry between them is so raw. It breaks your heart. Hands down the best indie film I have ever seen.
Kyle K.

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Irish Film Critic

“Slipaway” examines that unconditional motherly instinct that all women possess. Bonds are formed when love is present and that is where the stars rise. [...] The film is filled with curiosity and drama and manages to tell the story of a wonderful elder.
- Richard Caldwell