What Crew and Cast are up to

Elaine 1.jpg

Elaine Partnow

Elaine just booked a national commercial, and recently completed two more commercials, one for Metropolitan Life and one for Grocery Outlet. She also stars in the forthcoming indie comedy Misfits. You can also catch her on the Merci Chocolates ad.

Jesse Pepe

Jesse just released another comedy music video to his large YouTube following, wrapped a national commercial for Nissan and is also currently touring Los Angeles with his new stand-up comedy routine.

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Sadie 1.jpg

Sadie Johannsson

Sadie recently graduated from Groundlings, performed precision driving in a car commercial, and wrapped a lead role in a dark comedy.


Lydia Muijen

Lydia recently played a bald soothsayer in the movie The Young Messiah - written by Anne Rice (Interview with the Vampire). Lydia underwent six hours of makeup every day, and played opposite Sean Bean. The film is now available everywhere.